If you are interested in historical sites, we have many of varying antiquity within easy striking distance.

The following are within an hour's drive:

 Ancient Messini

This ancient site is in a wonderful setting dates and back to the ancient Greeks and then passes through the Roman era. It is a wonderful day out, nicely finished by taking a refreshment in the village of Mavromati which looks down over the ruins and out to the hills and valley beyond.

Please see our Photo Gallery. You can also visit this site MESSINI


This sea castle is fantastic to visit, it's position is stunning, jutting out into the bay at Methoni and accessed by a magnificent ancient bridge. It is definitely well worth a visit. With its natural harbour it is no wonder that the town was fortified as early as 430 B.C. Through various occupations it continued to be in use until around 1830.


There is not much of this castle left and it is best observed from the water, but it is pleasant to stroll around.

Because of its position on a headland, it was an important defensive position in the Messinian Gulf. Over the years pounding from guns and weather have taken their toll. But nevertheless it still has a predominant position over the town.

 Paleokastro and Neokastro

This is the 'old castle' above Navarino Bay on the west coast near Pylos. The walk up to the castle is wonderful, with amazing views inland over the lagoon and wonderful views in a westerly direction towards the open sea. The old castle itself is lovely to roam around, and the views are always fantastic.

Neokastro is the "new castle" and is set above Pylos.


Further away and a drive of 2-3 hours:

Ancient Mistras

This ancient town is well worth a day trip out. The drive there through the Taygetos mountains is very beautiful- the area is well known for its amazing variety of plant life, and the views are gorgeous. Mistras itself is very famous and deservedly so. It is set on the edge of a hill looking down over the plain of Sparti.

More information on Mistras can be found here.

Ancient Olympia

Olympia is perhaps one of the most famous ancient sites in Greece and is well worth a visit. The site is extensive and fascinating with plenty to see and well shaded which is welcome on a hot day! The site was first settled in prehistoric times but is most famous for the games which were played there for around 1170 years from 776BC to 394 AD. There are wonderful museums with fantastic artifacts.

More information on Olympia can be found here.