Easter and Spring Time

Easter & Spring Holidays


View of Villa Elya nestled in the olive groves

Spring in the Peloponnese is an exciting season, with the days getting longer and warmer and the occasional spring shower the olive groves are soon carpeted in an abundance of wild flowers and grasses, over 70,000 species. A vast number of birds on their migration routes and some that stay here all year round such as the common buzzard (yeraki). The springs, waterfalls and rivers are wonderful, with their cool crystal clear waters and beautiful insects, like the very pretty damsel flies.

Blossom on an almond tree & View to the mountains




Through the spring months snow can still be seen on the high peaks of the mountains across the gulf and the sea is clear and deep blue. The average temperature is generally in the low to mid twenties.





View from the pool area looking at the larger villa, Villa Elya

Our villas are a perfect centre to explore the ancient sites and beautiful landscape and beaches in our area.

Easter time here in Greece is extra special as it is the main festival / holiday of the year (like Christmas) with most towns having a parade and festival, towns like Koroni really celebrate the occasion well.